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    About CyberDoor

    CyberDoor is a company that thrives off of the community that supports it. CyberDoor offers a welcoming environment for all to engage and debate topics across a wide spectrum of categories. CyberDoor also provides services within the social media realm. With a community marketplace and TONS of ability to express yourself, CyberDoor is your perfect community to really fit in. We look forward to having you apart of the community and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Our Goals

    Our goals are simple and straight to the point. We want to provide a high quality environment to our user base. Here is a breakdown of all our goals here at CyberDoor:

    • Provide a welcoming and engaging community for all users to discuss and debate their views and perspectives.
    • Provide a marketplace where users can buy and sell products from other users. *
    • Provide contests and other site wide tournaments to engage users and provide stimulation across the site.
    • Continue to innovate and develop new and highly used features to increase user engagement.