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  1. About Us CyberDoor was started by David who inspired to provide innovative solutions to consumers and enterprise corporations. With that innovation, we aim to also supply our users with information coming from sources all around the world. Our success starts with you and will continue with you. We are excited to showcase our solutions to you. Mission Statement CyberDoor aims to provide consumers technologies and services that involve a variety of different categories around the world. Check us out for more information regarding solutions and services we could offer for you or your company. Our platform is simple: 1. Help users engage on topics important to them. 2. Create company pages to facilitate advertising of important events 3. Connect with users all around the world 4. Provide important content updates as needed regarding future innovation at CyberDoor. View full record
  2. A message from: Hello everyone, As we progress into the new year, we are continuing our research phase to ensure proper progress is made. We are constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to enhance the brand of CyberDoor and we appreciate the support from our community across our site and social media platforms. With that being said we do have some things to announce. Our project development may be slow due to research time. We have a project currently in development but in completely in a development stage. Once in QA, that will be when the next update on the project will be. Considered calling this project, Project RustBucket. We are working on creating a companies area where users can advertise their companies with us and utilize our platform to create social media based area to help create dialogue amongst users. Again, I want to stress the importance of how impactful our community is to our success. We appreciate everything you do for us. Respectfully, David