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  1. Karthic

    Purism devices

    They provide always a good product because they guarantee security not botnet like Microsoft and other techgaints
  2. Karthic

    Bitlocker - Windows 10

    But they are also having rights to get the data from your pc or something for in the name of analytics
  3. Karthic


    I’m also using open source booter it works as smoothly as much as possible and never give up for me it worths at end for switching
  4. But most of people trust intel corporation with that people they make more money as much as possible
  5. For most privacy we can use tail os it is built for high anonymity
  6. If you have any open source software check it with antivirus and anti malware give the result I’m basically Linux user,Linux is the open source software which using through out the world and it’s security is very strong than Windows
  7. It gives more security and its not a blot program you can check those on vm or sandbox or rdp
  8. WPA3 is coming now with increased security and more reliable
  9. Karthic

    Favorite type of food

    Puri with channa is amazing combo and it is my favourite
  10. You can use novirusthanks.org products they products are legit and didn’t cost a penny and resources are very much reduced in your pc and performance also increased with security
  11. But everyday new techniques are created to penetration and testing purposes and they’re used wrongly by many ways
  12. Karthic

    Is your information is leaked?

    I’m always using open source due to privacy issues in Microsoft and other products they want to collect information for analytics and someone on there is leaked information in there
  13. Karthic

    Herro ;]

    Thanks for giving answer Friend
  14. Karthic

    Herro ;]

    When the premium subscription available because for this type of community premium is must not present because many users didn’t want to get help for money