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  1. bk360

    July 4th

    My friends got a little belligerent and I tried to stop them from driving lol started yelling and my neighbor is a cop so that doesn't help. TL;DR my buddy blacked out and decided to flip shit, when I tried to stop we got into a physical argument and wha-bam cop comes up to me says do you want me or you to end this? and I'm just like I'll end it right here and everyone went home anyway.
  2. I'm fairly new to this field so I'm still on training wheels with Linux ;]
  3. bk360

    WWDC Thoughts?

    I'll look into it and give my thoughts later! I've never actually heard of it..
  4. bk360

    July 4th

    Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July :] I almost got arrested for hosting a party no biggie.. Anyone have good stories :D?
  5. I dont think so.. I like how the ios devices feel sleek and friendly but it lacks so much compared to android..
  6. bk360

    Music Albums!

    Thanks for the input now I have some new artists to listen to lol and I'm more into hip-hop/rap tbh but I really listen to anything! I;ve been trying to get into metal but I just don't understand the interest/hype
  7. bk360


    I'm not quite sure what this is lol but is it similar to notepad++?
  8. I think this should be in general chat... but Intel is far superior to AMD when you get into business CPUs EX: Xeon processor I have which is 8 y.o and its got 6cores @ 3.47Ghz bought it for $120. I think AMD is on the right track but they'll need to step up a lot more to come even close to Intel quality
  9. bk360

    Video Games! What do you play?

    Those games are all fun! I've been wanting to play the new Mafia games but haven't yet.. No time im on my hands right now.
  10. bk360

    Video Games! What do you play?

    Those all sound like good games I've played all except the new Far Cry which looks like a ton of fun! Stardew Valley is sorta like Animal Crossing but it has combat envolved and theres a tad bit more involvement with money issues and a bit of strategy of how to keep a consistent income. The best way I could put it would be a mix of Animal Crossing+Farming Simulator(animals+plants). Its sort of laid back and just a fun game overall with some challenges to keep it interesting.
  11. I think I'd be more worried about Facebook than Microsoft with sensitive information right now ;]
  12. Do you mean if you don't have admin access? or it's not good for someone who wants to stay anonymous?
  13. bk360

    Video Games! What do you play?

    What games do you guys and girls like to play on your free time? I personally play.. FPS/TPS PUBG CS :GO Ironsight Black Squad Borderlands 2 Fortnite - Not a huge fan but friends play it.. RTS/MOBA Dota 2 - Custom Games only League of Legends Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne ARPG/MMO-RPG Guild Wars 2 Path of Exile Fighter Games Rivals of Aether - Like Smash but for PC Relaxing Games Stardew Valley Anyway, that's only what I currently play :] What games are you interested in?
  14. bk360

    A review of avengers infinity war

    I actually have to catch up I believe! but it looks really good!
  15. bk360

    Is your information is leaked?

    Another topic along these lines is Password Spraying which can be viewed below