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    Note: If you purchase a club or a blog, please create a support ticket with the associated purchase. There is a club ownership and blog ownership option within the Support area.


$5.00 per month

Premium Users receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Inbox (instead of the current limit of 100 messages)
  • Unlimited attachment sizes
  • Exclusive Forum area
  • Discounted Future CyberDoor products
  • Premium Award
  • Premium Userbar
  • Use of banks for coins earned (weekly bonus of 25 coins)
  • Allowed to charge for downloads
  • MORE!
$5.00 + $8.00 per 3 months

Own a club where you can discuss anything and manage your own little forum.

Perks of Club Ownership:

  • Dedicated forum(s)
  • Dedicated blog(s)
  • Dedicated gallery for all users
  • Dedicated file downloads. (perfect for users who want to make exclusive programs for their club members)
  • MORE!
$3.00 per month

Run a blog ran by CyberDoor and managed by you. Must abide by rules of the site however, this is an area of free speech and we encourage you to utilize it that way.