Types of Wireless Encryption

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1. WEP - Wired Equivalent Privacy

Started in 1999 and not long after it was classed as vulnerable and could be hacked within minutes! WEP isn't used in 1st world countries but might be seen around the world today.

2. WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access  

Once WEP was vulnerable they needed a quick solution and this was it. Once WPA was available most businesses swapped over and left WEP in the dust. Not long after WPA also had flaws and was vulnerable. You might see these routers around still but if an ISP is issuing a modem then most likely not.


3. WPA2 - Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2  -

Once again WPA had flaws just like WEP so they improved WPA by adding Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which was used by the U.S Government 
NOTE: Always use WPA2 before falling back to WPA + AES!

Other information: 
4. WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Setup 

This is used in on to Connect a device to the Router/Network with a click of a button! It currently is deemed vulnerable but security measures such as adding timeouts before re-attempting a brute-force the pin code. The pin code is generally 0-9 so there's a limited amount of tries before you get it! 

Thanks and this was just going some basic's of the types of Encryptions!


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